Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 2011 Meeting Minutes

LISSO Minutes
August 29th, 2011
@ 4:34 pm

· Chelsey introduced LISSO and fellow officers:

President position includes: handling the listserv, registering the student organization, and attending monthly faculty meetings and serve as a liaison for the student voice. She explained the benefits of being president of LISSO including working with faculty.

Sara explained her role as VP: The Vice‐President shall be the second executive officer of the organization and assume all responsibilities in the absence/vacancy of the President. This individual shall assist and advise the President in executing organization functions. Some of Sara's duties have included attending faculty meetings in the President's absence; directing the LISSO Newsletter, The Signature; fundraise; solicit funds from local businesses.

Cheyenne explained Communications Officer Position: manage the blog, Facebook page, and other media outlets. It’s a beneficial position to get tech experience and create a network.

Ida Sell will be taking on the Treasurer Officer position. We will be adjusting the bylaws to include fundraising duties for the Treasurer.

Secretary position is currently open. Chelsey covered the duties of Secretary. Sara is acting as secretary until position is filled.

Elect positions are available for President, Vice President, and Communications Officer. A formal call for officer/elect positions will be sent out via email on the listserv by Chelsey later in the week.

· Meeting attendees introduced themselves: Alana, Heather, Cheyenne, Dr. Bishop, Chelsey, Sara, Carla, Debbie, Shelley, and Mary
· The Signature updates: LISSO called for submissions. We take ads, updates, news pieces, opinion pieces, artwork, etc. The next issue will be out in the next week or two. Carla suggested adding the Keeneland Fall Sales meet to Lexington bucket list. Chelsey suggested adding a calendar to the next issue.
· Eli and Ida joined the meeting.
· Upcoming Events:

Next Meeting: September 26th @ 4:30pm; likely in the SLIS Conference Room
Fall Picnic: September 10th @ 11:00am, Woodland Park
Trivia Night: September 15th @ 8:00pm, Winchell's on Southland (Trivia starts at 8:00; come early to eat, get a seat, and help pick a team name!)
Hap'pie' Hour: September 21st @ 5:00 - 7:00pm, Ramsey's on High

Meeting Adjourned
@ 5:25 pm