Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)

University of Kentucky

Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2012

Officers present: Jason Boczar, Mary York, Dr. Wade Bishop, Debbi Lloyd, Heather Burke

Total present: 6

The meeting was called to order at 4:37PM EST. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, an agenda was distributed to all present. Mercedes Hopewell paid her dues at the start of the meeting and expressed interest in serving in an officer position. Dr. Bishop reminded everyone that new officer positions can be created if there's interest or need. Debbi thought a photographer/Flickr account manager position would be ideal as we have need of those services.

Heather Burke noted she had not received the Facebook administrative privileges and Jason Boczar said he would fix that. Debbi Lloyd, now the current LISSO president, also promised to send a list of accounts and passwords to the other officers.

Mary York, the vice president, attended the faculty meeting last Friday along with Dr. Bishop. The following topics were brought up: First, the new website for the SLIS should be up by the end of the week. Debbi emailed Will Buntin about updating the LISSO page stats, and noted how difficult it has been to find the club's page on the SLIS's old website. The officers then discussed the possibility of doing more with the site. Also discussed at last Friday’s faculty meeting was the new faculty member search, changes to the curriculum and the portfolio program. The portfolio program will hopefully involve more collaboration between students and faculty in the future.

Stephanie Reynolds would like help promoting the McConnell Conference. Anyone who is interested in children's literacy might consider attending. Mary York suggested that our communications director, Jason Boczar, add the conference on the Facebook page as an event.

Officer duties were next on the agenda. The vice president who has been managing the Signature noted that it was too big a project for one person. The current issue needs updating and more material. The communications director and secretary both agreed to contribute. is the website that hosts the Signature, and the president indicated she would contact Sara Wood (the former vice president) for the password and account information.

Account upkeep was another point brought up at the meeting: Our blog hasn't been updated since September. The Flickr account also needs work, a task which Mercedes Hopewell may take over in the event she assumes an officer position. The dues list also needs updating--the secretary has been keeping an unofficial account of and holding the newly paid dues until the treasurer, Ida Sell, returns.

Fundraising was briefly discussed. LISSO currently has 122 dollars in the account (not including unprocessed dues). Fundraising will be further discussed at the February meeting.

LISSO has several upcoming events on the agenda. The All SLIS Social is the next event at WTY Library's Gallery from 6-7pm EST. LISSO is going to make efforts to promote this event on and offline. We need to compile a flier about LISSO for the event as well. The president passed around a previous copy of LISSO's flier as an example. The room will be reception style--not too formal--and options for catering were discussed. An email needs to sent out as well, which Debbi will coordinate with the other LIS student organization leaders. Mercedes Hopewell and Dr. Bishop brought up the idea of making a YouTube video/prezzi or some form of media for our table.
On January 27th is the Triangle Park Ice Skating Rink event. $10 per person is the cost which covers skate rental for 90 minutes. Even those who plan on bringing their own skates must pay the same fee. We will also head to Sawyers restaurant together before ice skating in the early evening.

Events for the upcoming months include a tour of Keeneland Library in late February. The secretary has contacted Becky Ryder, the library director, regarding available dates and will report back when she receives news. A possible March event is a tour of Lexmark.

It was suggested that adding a drop box or SurveyMonkey poll to the LISSO webpage/blog might be a good way to involve SLIS students in determining future events. The next meeting will be February 6th, 2012 at 4:30 PM EST.

The president called the meeting to a close at 5:28pm EST.