Monday, August 6, 2007

Welcome to the new LISSO Info Blog @ UK!

Welcome to the first University of Kentucky SLIS' LISSO Info Blog! (Wow, way too many acronyms for one sentence!)

In an effort to keep the LISSO members and SLIS students up to date on upcoming events and to make links and photos of events more accessible, LISSO has decided to create an info blog! Our purpose is to be more informational rather than opinionated....unlike the traditional blog, this site will not be a sounding off platform but rather an interactive place to keep the communication flowing!

Let me start by giving you an idea of how this blog will work. As of right now, the only ones who will be able to post on this blog are the officers who will sign each post to identify themselves. Other LISSO members who may want to add to the fun can e-mail us their question or comments and we will post for you if it is deemed appropriate by the LISSO board...we want to stay helpful and informative, not controversial. I know among the Library crowd "censorship" is a hard sell, but in the nature of trying to keep the board uncluttered and helpful, we must draw the line somewhere. We welcome feedback (good or bad) as this process gets off the ground.

Oops! I'm already having trouble with the "brief" steps...

Cheri, your LISSO President

P.S. Thanks to Kim McCoy and Erin Pifer for their LIS 647 presentations on blogs - you have a new convert!