Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Faculty Meeting

Student Report

Dec. 7, 2012

Topics of Interest:

Susan MacDonell will soon be organizing students wishing to attend the KPLA conference in April.

The SLIS program has accepted 42 students for the Spring semester, bringing the total enrollment to around 250 students.

There was discussion about creating a blog or wiki as a reference for both advisors and their advisees. It would provide general information, as well as list questions that have already been answered by advisors.

Finally, there was continued discussion about distance delivery methods for classes. UK is alone in not requiring blended, synchronous delivery for distance classes, compared with other benchmark institutions. It was decided to take a survey of faculty opinion about future decisions. It would also be necessary to consider which classes would best benefit from this option.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky

Meeting Minutes: December 6, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Kacey Kelm, Daniel Ness

Total present: 7

Call to open: 5:05pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

We have a total of 5 shirts to sell. One was returned.

Upcoming Events:
Dec. 8th is LISSO’s Holiday Party at Dr. O’Connor’s house. We had about 20 people RSVP. 36 ornaments were made last weekend for the guests. Debbi will be going around 3:00 pm EST to do shopping and start setting up for the party.

Wrapping Up:
All notes from faculty meetings should be added to the blog before the end of the year as an archival record.

The newsletter will be re-edited and sent out for next year.

LISSO has officially declined to participate in the art project for the redesigned LCLI 303, by the School of Library and Information Science and Division of Instructional Communication. There were no officers available to supervise the project.

The old and new presidents and treasurers will be meeting next week to change all banking information. Justin will also be receiving all of the binders and various accoutrements as the new LISSO president. These include the small grill and various craft supplies.

Additional topics that were discussed:
Jessica will cover the last faculty meeting of the semester on December 7th. Notes will be posted to the blog.

Daniel has chosen to cover the January 4th faculty meeting as the LISSO student representative. Coverage for additional faculty meetings will be discussed in the future.

The first meeting of the Spring Semester will be January 10th at 5:00 pm EST in the SLIS conference room. LOCATION UPDATE: Little Library Study Room #5.

Call to close: 5:25pm EST