Monday, April 28, 2008

End of Semester Fiesta at Hacienda's!!

Join LISSO at Hacienda's this Friday night at 5:00PM for a REALLY HAPPY HOUR (ok, so more than an hour)! We have lots to celebrate! End of the semester...end of the school year...for some, end of their studies forever...and a changing of the LISSO guard! That's right, we have new officers and they will officially take the reigns (or in this case the sacred LISSO binder) at Hacienda's on Friday. So join us for some needed stress relief, great company, and to welcome our newest leaders: President - Krista King, Vice President - Robert Thomas, Secretary - Dana Lehman, Treasurer - Chris Worland, Communications Manager - Robert Shapiro!

For directions:,+Lexington,+KY+40517&ie=UTF8&hl=en&z=15&om=1

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keeneland ***CANCELLED***

Sorry folks....due to grumblings of bad/cold weather, and end of semester obligations, LISSO has decided to cancel the scheduled Saturday Keeneland trip. We have another end of year event planned for Friday May 2nd at Hacienda's - more details TBA. Besides, Keeneland is still open tomorrow, so if some of you had planned to attend, feel free to get a group together to go on your own. Sunday was supposed to be pretty but it is also military day, and would be real crowded!

What's more Kentuckian than horse racing? Join us for a day at the tracks! We'll meet up:

Saturday, April 19

11:00 a.m.

At the pay gate

We'll start the day "seeing Blue"--listening to the UK Symphony in the walking ring (starting at 11:30). After that it's food, drink, and races for the rest of the afternoon.

Hope to see you there! :-)

Friday, April 4, 2008

And the Winner is..... plus other announcements...

Mary Landrum was our winner of the 2008 LISSO Leadership Award! Thanks to all who voted! We had a really great turn-out and four really awesome nominees!! Don't forget to make your reservation for the yearly banquet held April 25th to help honor all of those who are recognized this year.

Side notes:
  • LISSO meeting for the month has been moved to this Monday the 7th @ 5:00pm in the HUB.

  • Those of you trying check out DVDs of the comps orientation are running into problems. We had several of last years' mailed copies not returned. This makes our number available for check-out to be really low and a couple of those have come back blank. Remember: there is still a copy on PC#2 in the CAIT lab....bring along some runs about 30 minutes.

  • We had zero submissions for the T-shirt the e-mail entry is still open through April in case any of you have a creative lightning strike while finishing up the semester. If we continue to strike out this month, we will postpone the t-shirt effort until the next school year under a new batch of officers.

  • Join LISSO for a fun outing to Keeneland on Saturday April 19th. More details about time and where to meet TBA. We have not opted for a box this year, so pre-registration will not be necessary. We'll just meet up and wander among the magic that is the Spring Meet!

That's all for now folks,