Saturday, February 23, 2008

T-Shirt Design Contest! Starts Now!

We have all been aware of the need for a t-shirt that would represent the UK SLIS in all its glory.

This is your chance to prove how creative librarians can be! Beginning now through March 17th, we will be taking ideas....images, slogans, an attempt to find a great t-shirt idea to represent SLIS students as they trek through the program.

This has been designed to give you almost a month, with Spring Break in the no lazy excuses! While you're on the beach....toss around a SLIS design idea, but get it submitted as soon as you get back!

To submit your idea: send it to the LISSO e-mail account ( with the subject line: LISSO Contest. ***NOTE*** Images are accepted, but no attachment will be opened unless "LISSO Contest" is the subject line!

So...what do you win if selected? A free t-shirt or totebag with the new design securely emblazoned with pride!

Get creative folks and remember, this could be your legacy while in the program, as this has been planned with a long-term availability in mind!

Proceeds will help support your friendly neighborhood LISSO. Winning design will be selected by the LISSO officers with final approval by our fearless leader Dr. nothing too profane please! Oh....and the designs used in this posting are already taken by someone else...plagiarism is BAD and off limits :-)

Get designing!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Important Spring Events!!

As the school year and Spring semester wind down, the LISSO schedule becomes even more crowded...but several events are important to year end honors, elections and fundraisers. I am going to give you a brief overview of what is coming up, so you can watch for the individual announcements as they get closer!


T-shirt fundraiser begins with the announcement of a design contest.....deadline for entries will be March 17th.

Don't forget the McConnell Conference on the 29th!

TBA Friday night outings: Karaoke and Bowling!

17th - LISSO Meeting @ 5:00 pm in the Hub.

17th - 21st: Nominations for selecting the recipient of our LISSO leadership award will be accepted this week (a list of eligible candidates - grads from last August, December and this May - will be sent out ahead of time) so be thinking of fellow students you think deserve to be honored from the past year. ALSO: we will be taking nominations for LISSO officer candidates. Yes, self nominations are welcome - but you need to be able to serve in the position for the next school year.

24th - Comps Orientation Session @ 5:00pm in the LCLI lounge with Dr. Sineath (refreshments provided).

24th - 28th: Elections for LISSO's annual leadership award and officers for next term.


TBA Saturday outing to Keeneland.

TBA T-shirt sales will commence.

11th - Comps Exam (LISSO provided breakfast)

14th - LISSO Meeting @ 5:00pm in the Hub.

25th - SLIS Banquet - LISSO leadership award given out at this event.


TBA Changing of the guard party - new officers introduced!
Stay tuned for more details on each event!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Monday February 11th at 5:00 PM in the Hub at Young Library. In order to accomodate our officers, the move was necessary. We plan on meeting in the center section near the reference modules. If you plan on attending, e-mail Cheri offlist to get a copy of the constitution so we can hold a vote as to its acceptance.