Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LISSO April Meeting Minutes

LISSO Minutes 4.21.2009
· Discussion of Social Events Held this Year
o Good turnout at social events, especially trivia at Mellow Mushroom
o Brown bag lunch series for faculty research presentation next year
o More events outside of bars next year
§ SLIS Picnic next year?
· Items to consider for next year
o Engage distance learning students
o Create free events
o Better presence at orientation
o Update LISSO website
o Create better communication with Graduate Student Congress and College of Communications
o LISSO President or designated student should attend faculty meetings
o Increased virtual presence
§ Blackboard group
§ Registering with UK Student Activities now online
· New LISSO Officers for 2009/2010
o Communications Officer: Lisa Raney
o Secretary: Liz Siler
o Treasurer: Chris Worland
o Vice President: Anne Bradley
o President: Amanda Hazenfield
· Congratulations to Student Leadership Award winner Krista King
· Budget
o $50 currently
· Upcoming Events
o SLIS Banquet 5/1/2009 $12.50 reduced price for students Lexington Downtown Hotel and Conference Center cash bar at 6:00pm, dinner served at 7:00pm
§ Please make reservations at http://www.uky.edu/CIS/SLIS/students/banquet09.htm

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New LISSO Officers

Congratulations to the LISSO officers for the 2009/2010 school year!

Communications Manager: Lisa Raney

Secretary: Liz Siler

Treasurer: Chris Worland

Vice President: Anne Bradley

President: Amanda Hazenfield

Thank you to everyone who voted in the election and to all those who ran for office. Please remember that there are often volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping with LISSO events.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 LISSO Leadership Award and 2009/2010 Officer Elections

The LISSO Leadership Award is given to a student who demonstrates leadership in the classroom and contributes to the education of others. The best part is the award is conducted entirely by the students, from the nomination process to the final vote.

Please follow the link below to vote

2009 LISSO Leadership Award

Please follow the link below to vote for next year's LISSO Officers

2009/2010 LISSO Officer Elections

(image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vox_efx/3002776434/)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dean Candidates Visit Campus

Candidates for the position of Dean of the Communications and Information Studies will be visiting campus for interviews in the next few weeks. An open forum has been scheduled with each candidate for faculty, staff and students. You are invited to meet with each candidate at the time and place indicated below. Curriculum vitae for each candidate can be accessed at http://www.uky.edu/Provost/CIS_dean_search.htm

An evaluation form for these candidates is also available at the same web site. Please remember to complete an evaluation form for each candidate about whom you have an opinion and return it as soon as possible to Kris Hobson (hobson@email.uky.edu ).

March Meeting Minutes

LISSO Meeting Minutes from LISSO/ALA Joint Meeting 3-31
• Public Health Management & Policy Conference (Health or Medical Librarianship)
• Marriott Griffin Gate Hotel, Newtown Pike
• Free Registration
• 4/7 – 4/9
• Comps Lunch, Mellow Mushroom, 1:30pm, 4/10
• Trivia Night, Mellow Mushroom, 7:30pm, 4/15
• Gallery Hop, Central Branch LPL, 5pm, 4/17
• Lazerow Lecture, 4:30 – 6, 4/22, Young Library Auditorium (Wednesday)
• Medical Informatics theme
• ALA Research Day, Poster Presentation, 4/23
• Keeneland, 11am, 4/24
• Rm. 308 (SLIS Student Lounge) – College of Communication Dean Interviews
• 3:30, 4/07, Beth Barnes (Tuesday)
• 3:30, 4/09 (Thursday)
• 3:30, 4/16 (Thursday)
• Provost Page
• SLIS Banquet, Friday, 5/01
• Radison Hotel
• $25
• LISSO Leadership Award

• Peer Elected
• Melody Trosper Award
• $500
• Beta Phi Mu
• International LIS Honorary Society GPA & Faculty Nomination
LISSO Elections
Deadline for nominations 4/10
Open positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Communications Officer
Current Nominations
Liz Siler- Secretary
Jeretta Hall- Vice President
Anne Bradley- Vice President
Amanda Hazenfield- President
Lisa Raney- Communications Manager

Chris Worland will continue Treasurer position

LISSO Faculty Advisor
Professor Carrigan suggested as a candidate

T-shirt contest cancelled
Only one submission, lack of options for students to choose from
Not enough time to pursue logistics of printing and submitting orders with time remaining in this semester
Suggested that LISSO officers next year may wish to contact Janice Birdwhistle if they would like to have t-shirts

Next LISSO/ALA Joint Meeting 4/21 @ 5:30 in the SLIS Student Lounge

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Comps Review mp3

Got one of these? Well, it doesn't matter. You can now listen to the Comps Review right here.
Blogger doesn't let us upload MP3s so the "video" below includes the audio. Happy listening.