Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting Minutes, September 26th 2011.

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: September 26, 2011
Officers Present: Sara Wood, Chelsey Spencer, Cheyenne Hohman, Ida Sell, Heather Burke, Jason Boczar, Mary York, Debra Lloyd, Dr. Wade Bishop
Total Present for meeting: 9
The President opened the meeting at 4:36pm. A meeting agenda was distributed to those present.
The President introduced our new LISSO officers for this year at the start of the meeting. Each new officer briefly introduced him/herself:
• Jason Boczar will be our new Communications Director following Cheyenne Hohman’s completion of the SLIS program this year. Jason currently works in acquisitions at William T. Young Library.
• Debra Lloyd will be taking over as the new LISSO President after Chelsey Spencer’s completion of the SLIS program. She is a graduate assistant in the William T. Young Library Reference Department.
• Mary York will take over as Vice President following Sara Wood’s completion of the program here. Mary currently works in the Science and Engineering Libraries.
• Heather Burke will be the new LISSO secretary. She works in the Margaret I. King Library in Special Collections as well as Archives.
• Ida Sells will be our treasurer this year. She is a graduate assistant in Archives in the Margaret I. King Library.
After new officer introductions, the President discussed important information from the last Faculty Meeting (DATE):
• UK is going to make online classes more available to students with special learning needs (ex: visually-impaired) in accordance with ADA standards.
• There is going to be a faculty search soon to replace Dr. Chan, who is leaving. Students may be asked to come and meet candidates (and enjoy a free lunch).
• Dr. Ning will be offering a new Social Media class this spring; LIS637 and 668 are being revised so their names and content match.
• The importance of self-assessment as a major point of student portfolios was highlighted during discussion.
The current and new presidents briefly discussed the faculty meeting schedule, and Debra mentioned switching hours next semester to accommodate the responsibility.
Another topic brought up was the Student Organization Leadership Meeting, attended by the President and the new VP, Mary York. This is the beginning of a series of meetings between the four main LIS student organizations (LISSO, SLA, SAA, ALA) on campus. The goal of these meeting is to assess how we can best work together as a type of “umbrella organization” in order to prosper. Highlights from the meeting were:
• Sharing of each organization’s “best practices” (for instance, setting up a listserv, working with Google docs, etc.)
• Creating a new collective calendar of events using the new SLIS website (we can now update it ourselves rather than go through Will Buntin).
• Getting together tours of various libraries with our fellow organizations
• LISSO shared about our separate bank account and how we were able to set it up: Ida informed us that ALA’s funds are moving off-campus and SAA’s will soon.
The next item discussed was planning LISSO’s Halloween Party event. After considering local events also happening that weekend, it was decided that we would be having a get-together around 7:00PM on Sunday, which is just before the Thriller Parade. The get-together would be at Sara Wood’s apartment which overlooks the parade route. Costumes are highly encouraged, and there will probably be a costume contest at the event. Sara will be sending out directions later on, and she reminded everyone that downtown parking is free at any meter on Sunday.
Other October events in the works are as follows:
• Gratz Park Walking Tour – 9:30-11:45 am October 4th (only 12 people signed up so far, contact Dr. Bishop if interested)
• Pazzo’s Friday Pint Night – October 7th, several officers will try to get together to hold a table for us around 5:00 pm. If anyone is interested in coming, please email or use the LISSO facebook page and we can plan for a larger group.
• Possibility of our doing something at Keeneland through connections on campus (read: Gordon Hogg’s wife is their librarian): Oct. 7th is free student admission and Oct 21st is “See Blue” day (free UK student admission). The schedule for Keeneland is available online. Of interest also was a possible tour of Keeneland’s library.
• Another trivia night at Winchell’s (NOT during a Tournament of Champions)
• LISSO-sponsored Tuesday study group for those taking comps.
An impromptu Karaoke session at South Lane Bowling alley (possibly around December 7th, Cheyenne’s birthday) could also be in the works. The VP reminded everyone that EKU is hosting a discussion by Richard Dawkins on Thursday, October 6th at 7:30 pm at Brock Auditorium. The President called the meeting to a close at 5:16 pm.

LISSO's next meeting will be held on October 24 @ 4:30 pm in the SLIS conference room.

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