Monday, February 11, 2013

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: February 7, 2013

Officers present: Justin Conder, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Daniel Ness, Kacey Kelm, Dr. Wade Bishop
Total present: 7

Call to open: 4:58pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

January Game Night:
January Game Night was deemed a success, as we had two new students join us at the event. It was suggested that they be invited to join the LISSO Facebook page, if they have not already done so. It was also decided that future events will include a sign-in sheet, so that attendees can be more easily communicated with in the future.

T-shirt Contest:
The T-shirt contest will begin this month, as Daniel will send out the first email asking for designs within the next few days. The deadline for new designs will be Friday, March 1st, after which online voting will begin. The best-selling design from last year will be made available again this year, along with the two highest-voted new designs. Officers will be in further communication throughout the month as the submissions and voting begin. The two top designs will receive a free T-shirt.

Upcoming February Event:
After discussing preliminary student responses to the proposed Meet’n’Greet, it was decided to change the February event to a Pazzo’s gathering, followed by the Late Night Film Series Screening of the movie, UP. The event will take place on Thursday, February 28th. Everyone will be invited to join LISSO at Pazzo’s at 7 pm EST. Those interested in attending the film will leave for the screening about 9 pm EST, with the movie to begin at 10 pm EST.
Because the February event is has been changed, it was decided to plan a different event for April. One suggestion was a picnic, to be held at Woodland Park. Further plans will be discussed at future meetings.

Constitutional Changes:
As had been suggested by Dr. Bishop in a previous meeting, the constitution for the organization needed to address the contingency plans in place for officer elections, specifically to deal with vacant positions in the middle of a semester. Justin presented a short statement, granting the President power to begin elections at the start of each month for any open positions. With a few minor suggestions on phrasing, the suggestion was agreed upon. Future revisions will also include some further details on election procedures.

Blackboard Shell:
For the integration of SLIS organizations into a Blackboard shell, Daniel will be in further communication with Susan MacDonell, who is currently responsible for the planning. No details or further information is yet available.

LISSO Newsletter:
Mercedes intends to email Daniel the current draft for editing and completion. Once finished, it will be distributed to SLIS.

Faculty Meeting Representative:
There was some discussion about the future role of the faculty meeting representative from SLIS, specifically concerns about continuity between different representatives and the communication of information between the faculty meetings and general students in SLIS. It was decided that student representatives act as a voice for feedback from the students in issues relating to changes in the program. Information on graduation, classes, and upcoming events will be disseminated as needed to the student body.

Officer Password Check:
Justin asked for information on the passwords and access available to all LISSO officers, so that everyone was able to access the LISSO email and the SLIS Organizations Calendar.

Additional topics that were discussed:
Daniel will be adding information about the McConnell Conference to the LISSO Facebook page. He also suggested creating short profiles of any students presenting posters at the conference.

Dr. Bishop suggested creating some small give-away items for events, as a fun promotion for LISSO. There was some concern that LISSO’s affiliation with UK could create some complications. There was no decision reached at this time.

With the success of the new meeting location, it was decided that all future LISSO meetings would be held in the McConnell Center, located on the 3rd floor of Little Library. The next meeting is scheduled for March 7th at 5 pm EST.

Call to close: 5:45pm EST