Thursday, October 30, 2008

Annual Halloween Party

Annual LISSO Halloween Party
Where: Dr. Sineath's House

When: October 31st, 8pm

Bring: A dish--preferably something a little bolder than chips or pretzels

**Drink provided ** Costume Contest **

** LISSO Dues Raffle **

GoogleMap to Dr. Sineath's House or check out one of our flyers in the SLIS building.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Please take a minute to complete the LISSO survey. The results will help us plan LISSO events/activities for the year. See the link above or below.

We tried guilting you, now it’s time for a raffle...

LISSO Dues Raffle

For simply paying your dues, you are entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the UK Bookstore

Due by October 30— Drawing at the LISSO Halloween Party, Oct 31st

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


That's right, you.

Strictly speaking, without you, LISSO doesn't exist. You make it happen every year. Comps review and breakfast, social outings, professional development seminars. It's all funded by you.

All we ask is that you contribute an annual $5 which goes directly to the programs that we fund.

It's all on the honor system. We trust that you will make the right decision. It's just like the copier in the CAIT lab. Now raise your hands those of you who have an outstanding balance there. Right. Not many. But now raise your hands those of you who have not paid your LISSO dues. Mmm hmm.

Any one of the LISSO officers will gladly accept your check or cash or they can be given (or mailed) to Lousetta (Attn: Lousetta Carlson/LISSO dues). Checks ought to be made out to "Library and Information Science Student Organization."

We offer both our and your peers, sincerest thanks.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Pizza, Privacy and Copyright - Oh My!

LISSO & The ALA Student Group are proud to co-sponsor a special visit to our department next week by an ALA Washington D.C. Representative:

Carrie Russell
Copyright Specialist and Director
Program on Public Access to Information
ALA Washington Office Office for Information Technology Policy

Please join us for a FREE LUNCH including pizza, refreshments, and home-baked goodies!

11AM-12:30 PM

Follow our event on FACEBOOK

Russell's specialty lies in the area of copyright, but she is happy to discuss any topic related to information and technology policy during this informal session.

Faculty or Students; if you have topics you would like Russell to cover, please email LISSO ( before next Tuesday.

Also, if anyone is interested in volunteering to help cover refreshments and other snacks, also contact LISSO, off-list.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Orientation Happy Hour

Need to "deflate" from the chaos of orientation?
Want some more time to network for the semester now that you know some new faces?

Meet us at Buddy's Bar & Grill for an early afternoon happy hour,
Tuesday, August 26 following SLIS Orientation from 2pm - 3pm.
LISSO Officers will be present to answer any questions/ease any worries about the upcoming semester.

Faculty & Returning SLIS Students are also welcome and encouraged to attend!

(Visit the Buddy's website for directions - within walking distance of campus!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome Back Wine Tasting and Concert

You are cordially invited to a Welcome Back Wine Tasting

When: September 6th at 1:00pm Stay for the free concert at 3:00
Where: Equus Run Vineyards
Who: Open to all SLIS students, faculty, staff and significant others
Why: For an informal get together to welcome new students and re-connect with the well seasoned ones. To get more acquainted with faculty, staff and student organizations and to enjoy central Kentucky's beautiful wine country.
How much: Free to wander the grounds; $2 per person for an etched, Equus Run wine glass and wine tasting
No RSVP required

From Louisville
From Cincinnati
From Lexington

Image: ©

Comps Wiki

A message from the Past-President:


Now that summer classes are over and there is another comps session coming up in a few months (yes, that's right, only 3 months and a week - roughly) I have decided to release the SLIS Comps Study Wiki which has been undergoing beta testing (sounds official, but not really).

Long story short, a joke about wikis at the last SLIS awards banquet turned into an experiment. Once I got thinking about the logistics involved with getting study groups together over the summer, I was convinced that a wiki might be the way to go.

I simply put together a front page with each additional page dedicated to each year's set of questions. The front page explains how to use the wiki. Since its creation, Jennifer Mattern and I have been dabbling with adding content specific to each question (only some of the more recent years have content). Yes, the questions from the 80s are there as well, and some questions may require duplicate information from another question, but instead of a subject type wiki, the actual questions are part of this so you can refer to specific points you need to focus on.

And so, as I head out of SLIS, I bestow this creation to LISSO, with the understanding that it belongs to the students and will evolve as they see fit. It is an open wiki, so as long as you make a pbwiki id for yourself, feel free to get going with additional content. (I'm sure Krista will post a link to the wiki on the LISSO Info Blog as well)

SLIS Comps Wiki

It will be interesting to see where this experiment leads :-)

P.S. Special thanks to Kathy McCardwell for enjoying the joke with me! :-)

Cheri Daniels
University of Kentucky
Interlibrary Loan - Lending Manager
1-15 W.T. Young Library
1000 University Dr.
Lexington, KY 40506-0456
Ph.859-257-0500 x.2080

Monday, April 28, 2008

End of Semester Fiesta at Hacienda's!!

Join LISSO at Hacienda's this Friday night at 5:00PM for a REALLY HAPPY HOUR (ok, so more than an hour)! We have lots to celebrate! End of the semester...end of the school year...for some, end of their studies forever...and a changing of the LISSO guard! That's right, we have new officers and they will officially take the reigns (or in this case the sacred LISSO binder) at Hacienda's on Friday. So join us for some needed stress relief, great company, and to welcome our newest leaders: President - Krista King, Vice President - Robert Thomas, Secretary - Dana Lehman, Treasurer - Chris Worland, Communications Manager - Robert Shapiro!

For directions:,+Lexington,+KY+40517&ie=UTF8&hl=en&z=15&om=1

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keeneland ***CANCELLED***

Sorry folks....due to grumblings of bad/cold weather, and end of semester obligations, LISSO has decided to cancel the scheduled Saturday Keeneland trip. We have another end of year event planned for Friday May 2nd at Hacienda's - more details TBA. Besides, Keeneland is still open tomorrow, so if some of you had planned to attend, feel free to get a group together to go on your own. Sunday was supposed to be pretty but it is also military day, and would be real crowded!

What's more Kentuckian than horse racing? Join us for a day at the tracks! We'll meet up:

Saturday, April 19

11:00 a.m.

At the pay gate

We'll start the day "seeing Blue"--listening to the UK Symphony in the walking ring (starting at 11:30). After that it's food, drink, and races for the rest of the afternoon.

Hope to see you there! :-)

Friday, April 4, 2008

And the Winner is..... plus other announcements...

Mary Landrum was our winner of the 2008 LISSO Leadership Award! Thanks to all who voted! We had a really great turn-out and four really awesome nominees!! Don't forget to make your reservation for the yearly banquet held April 25th to help honor all of those who are recognized this year.

Side notes:
  • LISSO meeting for the month has been moved to this Monday the 7th @ 5:00pm in the HUB.

  • Those of you trying check out DVDs of the comps orientation are running into problems. We had several of last years' mailed copies not returned. This makes our number available for check-out to be really low and a couple of those have come back blank. Remember: there is still a copy on PC#2 in the CAIT lab....bring along some runs about 30 minutes.

  • We had zero submissions for the T-shirt the e-mail entry is still open through April in case any of you have a creative lightning strike while finishing up the semester. If we continue to strike out this month, we will postpone the t-shirt effort until the next school year under a new batch of officers.

  • Join LISSO for a fun outing to Keeneland on Saturday April 19th. More details about time and where to meet TBA. We have not opted for a box this year, so pre-registration will not be necessary. We'll just meet up and wander among the magic that is the Spring Meet!

That's all for now folks,


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LISSO Leadership Award!!


We have four students that were nominated this year for the award which can be seen in the voting poll box to the right. If you would like to view reasons for their nominations, please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

1. Comments have been turned on for voting purposes, so sign in by leaving your name in the comments field of this post. By doing this, we can ensure that only one vote is cast per eligible student.
2. Remember: you may vote if you are a current student, or a recent graduate from August or December of 2007.
3. Cast your vote to the right!
4. Voting will be open from 3/27 - 4/2 (polls close at midnight 4/3)

**The voting preferences with this poll have been set to allow only one vote per person which monitors based on cookies - so if you have any trouble voting in the lab, just move to another pc. We are monitoring results based on matching vote and sign-in (comments) count.

Overview of nominees (in alphabetical order):

Craig Amos:
Craig was nominated based on his extensive service while in the program:
"I'd like to nominate Craig Amos for the LISSO Leadership Award. Craig served as the LISSO president and the ALA Student Chapter President. During his time in these positions, he worked to make important information available to his fellow students and worked on scheduling and coordinating various informational programs open to SLIS students. Craig also participated in the ALA Student-to-Staff program in the summer of 2007. In addition, Craig worked at the Young Library during his time in the SLIS program and encouraged friends and co-workers to obtain MLS degrees to further their careers."

Mary Landrum:
Mary has also been nominated for her extensive service and mentoring role:
"Though I know she was just announced as a recipient of another school award, I still want to nominate Mary Landrum for our LISSO award. I honestly can't say that I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head who has sacrificed so much of her personal time - outside of class and work - to help and better the experience of other students in the program, especially those of us who have a desire to work in children's and young adult services. I can remember the first time I met her as a senior undergraduate in LIS510. She had stayed after her shift that night to give a tour of the McConnell center after class. I remember telling her then how I was interested in children's librarianship and she said that her "door was always open" if you just needed to talk. Lucky to say that has always been the case, and not only am I impressed with the volunteer work she does in our student organizations, like ALA, and outside of class, like at the Village Branch Library of LPL, I am most impressed and thankful for her willingness to mentor us "younger" students in the program."

Ruthie Maslin:
Ruthie was nominated based on her service and classroom leadership:
"I would like to nominated Ruthie Maslin for the leadership award due to her ever supportive role in the classroom and her serving as our ALA president last semester. She was always quick to ask the questions in class that most of us were hesitant to ask, and served as a professional role model for those of us dreaming about finding a job in the future. I think she should be honored for her hard work, dedication and open, friendly demeanor while trekking through the program!"

Sandra Nickell:
Sandra was nominated based on her extra work while in the program:
"In the three semesters Sandra was in the program, she served for a year as the Secretary/Treasurer of ALA and represented the student body on the SLIS Director Search committee. She was also a member of SLA, and participated in student activities that were held throughout the year. Lastly, she proved to be an active participant in the classroom also."

Ok - get voting everyone!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

T-Shirt Design Contest! Starts Now!

We have all been aware of the need for a t-shirt that would represent the UK SLIS in all its glory.

This is your chance to prove how creative librarians can be! Beginning now through March 17th, we will be taking ideas....images, slogans, an attempt to find a great t-shirt idea to represent SLIS students as they trek through the program.

This has been designed to give you almost a month, with Spring Break in the no lazy excuses! While you're on the beach....toss around a SLIS design idea, but get it submitted as soon as you get back!

To submit your idea: send it to the LISSO e-mail account ( with the subject line: LISSO Contest. ***NOTE*** Images are accepted, but no attachment will be opened unless "LISSO Contest" is the subject line!

So...what do you win if selected? A free t-shirt or totebag with the new design securely emblazoned with pride!

Get creative folks and remember, this could be your legacy while in the program, as this has been planned with a long-term availability in mind!

Proceeds will help support your friendly neighborhood LISSO. Winning design will be selected by the LISSO officers with final approval by our fearless leader Dr. nothing too profane please! Oh....and the designs used in this posting are already taken by someone else...plagiarism is BAD and off limits :-)

Get designing!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Important Spring Events!!

As the school year and Spring semester wind down, the LISSO schedule becomes even more crowded...but several events are important to year end honors, elections and fundraisers. I am going to give you a brief overview of what is coming up, so you can watch for the individual announcements as they get closer!


T-shirt fundraiser begins with the announcement of a design contest.....deadline for entries will be March 17th.

Don't forget the McConnell Conference on the 29th!

TBA Friday night outings: Karaoke and Bowling!

17th - LISSO Meeting @ 5:00 pm in the Hub.

17th - 21st: Nominations for selecting the recipient of our LISSO leadership award will be accepted this week (a list of eligible candidates - grads from last August, December and this May - will be sent out ahead of time) so be thinking of fellow students you think deserve to be honored from the past year. ALSO: we will be taking nominations for LISSO officer candidates. Yes, self nominations are welcome - but you need to be able to serve in the position for the next school year.

24th - Comps Orientation Session @ 5:00pm in the LCLI lounge with Dr. Sineath (refreshments provided).

24th - 28th: Elections for LISSO's annual leadership award and officers for next term.


TBA Saturday outing to Keeneland.

TBA T-shirt sales will commence.

11th - Comps Exam (LISSO provided breakfast)

14th - LISSO Meeting @ 5:00pm in the Hub.

25th - SLIS Banquet - LISSO leadership award given out at this event.


TBA Changing of the guard party - new officers introduced!
Stay tuned for more details on each event!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Monday February 11th at 5:00 PM in the Hub at Young Library. In order to accomodate our officers, the move was necessary. We plan on meeting in the center section near the reference modules. If you plan on attending, e-mail Cheri offlist to get a copy of the constitution so we can hold a vote as to its acceptance.



Monday, January 7, 2008

Marikka's! Ja!

Join us for a relaxing evening of darts, billiards (or pool, for those of us less...refined..folks), food and drink at Lexington's renowned Marikka's Restaurant und Bier Stube--they have great German grub, hundreds of varieties of bottled beer, nearly two dozen on tap, and dozens of wines from around the world--yet all at grad-school student friendly prices! The atmosphere is pleasant and the company is...well, we hope it's good, since it's us. :-) Hope to see you there!

Marikka's Restaurant und BierStube
6 p.m.
Friday, January 25

411 Southland Dr.
Lexington, KY

Phone: 859-275-1925