Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Faculty Meeting

Student Report

Dec. 7, 2012

Topics of Interest:

Susan MacDonell will soon be organizing students wishing to attend the KPLA conference in April.

The SLIS program has accepted 42 students for the Spring semester, bringing the total enrollment to around 250 students.

There was discussion about creating a blog or wiki as a reference for both advisors and their advisees. It would provide general information, as well as list questions that have already been answered by advisors.

Finally, there was continued discussion about distance delivery methods for classes. UK is alone in not requiring blended, synchronous delivery for distance classes, compared with other benchmark institutions. It was decided to take a survey of faculty opinion about future decisions. It would also be necessary to consider which classes would best benefit from this option.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky

Meeting Minutes: December 6, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Kacey Kelm, Daniel Ness

Total present: 7

Call to open: 5:05pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

We have a total of 5 shirts to sell. One was returned.

Upcoming Events:
Dec. 8th is LISSO’s Holiday Party at Dr. O’Connor’s house. We had about 20 people RSVP. 36 ornaments were made last weekend for the guests. Debbi will be going around 3:00 pm EST to do shopping and start setting up for the party.

Wrapping Up:
All notes from faculty meetings should be added to the blog before the end of the year as an archival record.

The newsletter will be re-edited and sent out for next year.

LISSO has officially declined to participate in the art project for the redesigned LCLI 303, by the School of Library and Information Science and Division of Instructional Communication. There were no officers available to supervise the project.

The old and new presidents and treasurers will be meeting next week to change all banking information. Justin will also be receiving all of the binders and various accoutrements as the new LISSO president. These include the small grill and various craft supplies.

Additional topics that were discussed:
Jessica will cover the last faculty meeting of the semester on December 7th. Notes will be posted to the blog.

Daniel has chosen to cover the January 4th faculty meeting as the LISSO student representative. Coverage for additional faculty meetings will be discussed in the future.

The first meeting of the Spring Semester will be January 10th at 5:00 pm EST in the SLIS conference room. LOCATION UPDATE: Little Library Study Room #5.

Call to close: 5:25pm EST

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: November 1, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Ida Sell

Total present: 8

Call to open: 5:00pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

T-shirt orders are in. Orders will need to be sorted and then mailed out or have notifications for pickup sent out. There are also 4 additional shirts for LISSO to sell in the future.

Upcoming Events:
Catering has been finalized for the LISSO Game Night on Friday, November 9th. Food provided will include pizza, brownies, soda, water, and popcorn. In addition to any requested games requested for the event, there will be free games available in CATS Den.

There was mention of a possible event for the Louisville area LISSO, but nothing appears to be scheduled at this time.

The final LISSO event for the semester will be the Holiday Party on Saturday, December 8th at Dr. O’Connor’s house. Officers will be spending time throughout November making further plans for the event. Mercedes will be making a poster for distribution once a time has been set. The party should be potluck, with LISSO providing the meat/main course and attendees providing side dishes. After a long discussion on the availability of funds, LISSO has decided to distribute a small gift to those members that attend.

Officer Elections:
The deadline for the email votes of confidence will end on November 11th. All new officers should be meeting with the current officers to pass on duties and information. There will also be a meeting to conduct the financial transfers to the new officers before next year.

Additional topics:
There was a small reminder for the LISSO officers attending upcoming faculty meetings for the semester.

The final official LISSO meeting for the semester will be December 6th, at 5pm EST in the SLIS conference room.

Call to close: 5:30pm EST

Monday, October 8, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: October 4, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Rebecca Freihaut (via Skype)
Also present: Daniel Ness, Kacey Kelm
Total present: 8

Call to open: 5:07pm EST
An agenda was distributed to those present.

This was the last week to order shirts. Current orders are 11 Banned shirts, 7 Heart shirts, and 9 Socialize shirts. Orders did not quite meet the minimum number to avoid setup fees, which would cost us about $90. It was decided that the remaining number of shirts would be purchased by the LISSO, then used as raffle prizes or to sell in the spring. The total cost for the final 9 shirts will be $41.40.

Upcoming Events:
Louisville area students can attend the upcoming meeting at Quill’s Coffee on Oct 20th.Also, efforts are planned to connect more with Louisville and other distance students, including sending emails out based on location areas.

LISSO will be meeting for the Zombie Parade in Lexington on Sunday, October 28th at 7 pm EST at McCarthy’s, 117 S. Upper St. The Parade will start at 8:30 pm EST. Participants are encouraged to come in costume. An RSVP form will be sent out.

Officer Elections:
The call for officers has been sent out at the end of August through email, along with requests at orientation and the face-to-face pitches. Justin Conder has been the only response to the upcoming President position. Daniel Ness will be taking over for Justin as the Communications officer. Kacey Kelm will be taking over as Treasurer. Positions will become active in January. With only one applicant for each position, it was decided to move forward with election emails for votes of confidence.

Reminder for Faculty Meetings:
LISSO officers are reminded to attend the selected faculty meetings this semester. Meetings will be held on Fridays between 9:30am-11:30am EST in the SLIS conference room. Officers should take notes that are relevant to students, then post the information to the LISSO blog and report at the next meeting.
            October 12-Mercedes
            November 2-Ida
            December 7-Jessica

Additional topics that were discussed:
The November Board Game Night has been approved for funding for pizza for the event. Mercedes will be making a poster available with a list of available board games and will be looking for requests on what to bring.

Dr. O’Connor has chosen Saturday, December 8th for the LISSO Holiday party. Time has not yet been decided, but a save-the-date email will be sent out, and additional information will be forthcoming at a future date.

Our next meeting will be November 1st at 5pm EST in the SLIS conference room. We will be planning the CATS Den Board Game Night.

Call to close: 5:30pm EST

Monday, September 10, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: September 6, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Dr. Wade Bishop, Ida Sell
Also present: Kasey Kelm, Rachel McMahan
Total present: 7

Call to open: 5:07pm EST
An agenda was distributed to those present.

Updates on Current Projects:
The SLIS organizations calendar and website is still being updated with events from other groups. It is also being used as a website for LISSO, with a page for the online T-shirt store, and a page for upcoming LISSO events and RSVP forms.

T-shirt sales are still running. We already have over 10 orders.

The LISSO newsletter is nearly finished. It should be released soon, once a final article has been included and the newsletter has been formatted. Pictures from the Fall Picnic will be included as well.

Reminder for Faculty Meetings:
LISSO officers will be sharing the responsibility of attending faculty meetings this semester. Meetings will be held on Fridays between 9:30am-11:30am EST in the SLIS conference room. Officers should take notes that are relevant to students, then post the information to the LISSO blog and report at the next meeting.
            September 7-Justin
            October 12-Mercedes
            November 2-Ida
            December 7-Jessica

New Officers:
Rebecca Freihaut is our new Louisville representative.

With no other interested candidates, Kasey Kelm has been chosen as the upcoming Treasurer, and will be shadowing Ida this semester.

LISSO still needs to find a student to take over the President position from Debbi. The only requirement is to have either a local or face-to-face student, so that they are available on campus for meetings and events. There will be an advertisement included in the newsletter.

Reminders from Will:
All students should be signed up for the SLIS listserv. Everyone should be reminded to do so.

The application deadline for the Alternative Spring Break is coming up on Oct.1st. Students should submit their applications soon.

Upcoming Events:
The Unconference was on Friday, September 7th at 1pm EST in Young Library, Room 108C. Adobe Connect was available to distance users. Great Bagel were generous to provide a donation of bagels and cream cheese for the event. Pictures will be taken to illustrate the success of the Unconference, to include in the newsletter and to post on the LISSO Facebook page.

The Louisville Coffee Hour will be held on Saturday, September 15th at Quills Coffee on Baxter Ave. A reminder should be sent out to inform Louisville area students.

The Bowling and Karaoke Night will be Friday, September 28th at 7pm EST at Southland Bowling Lanes. The RSVP form is available on the website, and there should be additional reminders sent out as we get closer to the event night.

Additional topics that were discussed:
Rachel McMahon, the Student Government senator for the College of Communication, attended the meeting. She wanted to connect with the group, and discuss obtaining funding from Student Government in the future with officers.

We hope to provide Adobe Connect for distance members for future LISSO meetings. Some other organizations have already begun to do so.

Justin should be sending out a weekly reminder email for events. Members should also be encouraged to wear their LISSO T-shirts to future events and during the upcoming Banned Book Week.

Mercedes will email to learn which days the CATS Den will be available in November, so that we can begin plans for our Board Game night.

Our next meeting will be October 4th at 5pm EST in the SLIS conference room. We will be planning to attend the Zombie Parade, including costumes, and meeting for drinks or dinner beforehand.

Call to close: 5:27pm EST

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: August 11, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Ida Sell
Total present: 5

Call to open: 5:40pm EST
An agenda was distributed by email to those present.

Orientation & FAQs:
Justin, Debbi, Jessica, and Ida all plan to attend Fall Orientation for LISSO. There was discussion on creating a handout to distribute to new students, which will include various resources and information, including links to the collective SLIS calendar, information about LISSO, and popular sites or events near campus. Justin will be creating the FAQ handout. Debbi also suggested that LISSO coordinate a casual gathering for dinner after orientation is over, for any who are interested.

Fall Picnic:
The Fall Picnic will be a weenie roast and potluck event, beginning at noon on August 25, 2012. Ida volunteered to stake out the area at Woodland Park, and LISSO will begin setting up around 11:15am EST. The RSVP form and website will be sent to the listserv, and include a listing of what each person intends to bring. The dues drive will be held during the picnic, and the drawing prize was decided to be a $25 gift card to Mellow Mushroom.

There will be an Unconference on September 7, 2012 in Young Library B108C, between 1:00 and 4:00pm EST. There will be a speaker and open forum discussions about current issues in the field, and will also be open to alumni and professors. There is still a need for volunteers, moderators, and technical support. The technology used to interact with distance participants is still being discussed. A wiki will provide further information and a RSVP form for participants.

Additional topics that were discussed:
The SLIS organizations intend to visit the face-to-face classes in order to interest more students. Debbi will be emailing professors and coordinating with the other organizations.

LISSO intends to release a newsletter by September, with articles written by Jessica and Ida, designed and edited by Mercedes. Information from the FAQs will also be included.

Ida has sent out some letters seeking donations for various events, attempting to connect with area businesses.

Fall meetings will resume on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00pm EST. The next meeting will be September 6, 2012.

LISSO currently has a balance of $140.

The Bowling and karaoke night will be held on September 28, 2012 at Southland, beginning t 7:00pm EST. Jessica will make the RSVP form and flyer.

T-shirt sales will resume, starting orientation day and conclude on October 19, 2012.

Call to close: 6:50pm EST

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: June 4, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Ida Sell
Total present: 5
Call to open: 5:45pm EST

New Officers and Duties:
Debbi checked with all new officers had made some contact with their predecessors and understood their primary responsibilities. She is available to answer any questions about officer duties. We will also aim to institute a new president and treasurer by the end of the coming semester, replacing Debbi and Ida.

Budget and T-shirt Sales Status:
The LISSO bank account is expected to hold $118, once the T-shirt shipping costs have been removed this week. The t-shirts have arrived and are planned to be packaged and shipped over the coming week. Debbi intends to send out notifications to customers as packages are being shipped.

Additional Topics and Changes:
It was suggested that we reinstitute the dues drive at the fall picnic. All members that pay their dues on that day will have their name entered into a prize drawing. Prizes suggested were $25 gift cards to a restaurant or a store of interest.

Previous club administrations have networked with local businesses, asking for donations, such as food for events. While it would be nice to continue these connections, it has become more difficult as the current officers do not have the same local connections. Debbi and Ida will try contacting previous officers for help locating previous contacts.

The LISSO Christmas party will be continued this December. It was tentatively decided to ask Dr. O’Connor to host the party at her house. The party will be a potluck.

With the shortage of students preparing for the comprehensive test, it was discussed to change the dinner into a general LISSO night instead, as well as abandoning any exam previous exam preparation activities.

It has been decided that LISSO will try to limit all events to about one or two major events per month, in order to be more focused and to promote each event better. These will be in addition to the monthly meetings. All events will also include some form of RSVP, although it has not been decided what application will be used.

The collaborative calendar for all SLIS organizations is still in progress. Debbi is working to decide on what program or application to use.

There was discussion of creating some type of forum in order to better engage all students, especially those that are online, as well as provide a place for new students to find answers about graduate school. This could also be supplemented by a FAQ page for new students. This could include any topics of interest to SLIS students, including some library blogs that could be of interest.

The fall picnic has been tentatively planned for Saturday, August 6, 2012, which is the weekend immediately after classes begin. There was some concern that Woodland Park does not accept reservations for the gathering areas, which are taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Other venues are being considered, as well as the possibility of planning for early arrivals to hold our place. An email reminder will be sent in July for people to save the date of the picnic, with an RSVP notice to come once all location plans have been finalized.

In addition to the new student orientation, Debbi suggested talking to professors with face-to-face classes and organizing a schedule of representatives to inform these classes about all SLIS organizations. LISSO would like to distribute a handout detailing the FAQs and additional information about the club, including contact information.

It was suggested to discontinue the LISSO blog, as updates and interest have waned. One possibility is a collective email update sent to the listserv, including meeting minutes and highlighting any events for the month.

In general, our plans for the fall semester are set as follows:
August:            Fall picnic and the launch of the forum
September:       Bowling/Karaoke Night
October:           Attending the Zombie Parade as a group, including meeting for dinner beforehand
November:       Board Game Night in the Cats Den
December:       Christmas Party Potluck

Another officer meeting has been planned for Monday, August 6, 2012 in order to finalize all the picnic plans and to further discuss the events and meetings of the fall semester.

Call to close: 7:45pm EST
Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: May 7, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Ida Sell
Total present: 8
Call to open: 4:35pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

Welcome new officers: -Mercedes Hopewell as Vice President,
-Jessica Herrington as Secretary,
-Justin Conder as Communications Manager;
-Ida Sell will continue as Treasurer for the present time, until a new officer has been elected.

New officers should set meetings to discuss their position responsibilities and the official transfer of duties with their predecessors, on an individual basis. Debbi is available if any officers would like her to be present at any of the meetings. The Vice President will also be added to the bank account. All new officers should send Debbi the information to be added to the LISSO officers’ listserv.

T-shirt Sales:
T-shirt sales are currently at 21 orders, with 36 total shirts and 8 dues payments, and with one week remaining for additional orders. Our current profit from the sales is $147, which recovers all costs from the graduation barbecue, and should completely cover the Fall picnic next semester. There was discussion of using the official university alumni list in order to communicate with all SLIS alumni in the future.

T-shirts are estimated at 2 weeks to print, and then Debbi plans to pick them up rather than paying for shipping. Volunteers will be needed to help sort, distribute, and ship the shirts when they arrive, and a request for people will probably be sent out at the beginning of June. All shirts will be shipped in flat-rate boxes from the postal service, unless they are to be picked up in person.

Additional topics that were discussed:
SAA may consider selling bags for fundraising, similar to the t-shirts sales.

All SLIS organizations may consider a collaborative book sale.

Mercedes suggested a collaborative game night, since the games were popular during the barbecue. Possible venues suggested were the Cats Den or the back room at Amazing Wonders.

Mercedes also suggested becoming involved in a local screening of the movie Bully. There was discussion of a panel, with panelists possibly including representatives from various disciplines on campus. This could be an opportunity to expand the visibility of SLIS beyond the academic settings.

There will a meeting of all SLIS organization presidents later on in the year. Any suggestions for collaborative efforts for all organizations should be brought to the attention of any attending president.

The Children and Teens Services (CATS) group will be restarting this year, after being defunct for several years. Mercedes Hopewell will be president and any who are interested in becoming involved should contact her.

The Fall picnic is planned for July. We need to call and reserve the area near the grills soon, in order to ensure we get the location we need.

Dr. Bishop asked for a student representative for the department planning committee. Debbi has volunteered.

The meeting of all new LISSO officers has been set for Monday June 4th, at 5:00 pm EST. It was suggested that the meeting be held somewhere with food available for dinner, such as Pazzos or MacAllisters, but the location has not been decided at the present time.

Call to close: 5:10 EST

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 2012 Minutes

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)

University of Kentucky

Meeting Minutes: April 2, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Ida Sell, Heather Burke, Wade Bishop, Mercedes Hopewell

Total present: 6

Call to open: 4:36pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present. The president sent out the agenda to the officers prior to the meeting for approval.

First up for discussion was the T-Shirt fundraiser for this year. We finalized which designs from the competition we are using (Ida Sell and Mercedes Hopewell's designs were chosen, and we will be reprinting the "Banned" shirt from previous semesters.), and are awaiting the proofs from the printer. After receiving proofs, we can then use the artwork to show SLIS students and faculty the available options and begin to take orders. We have just received approval to sell on campus.

We specifically requested color proofs from Central Screen printing. The T-shirt colors will be as follows: Black print on heather gray for Ida’s “Yeah, we socialize,” and white print on black for Mercedes’ book logo. The “I’m with the Banned” will be white on blue. We went with solid rather than multicolor text. The Treasurer will use the art proofs to show people options on Google Merchant.

The end of the semester party at Dr. O'Connor's home is steadily approaching. We will be providing refreshments and meat/vegetarian option for the event. Jason Boczar, our communications officer, is working on a survey for RSVPing and to determine who will be coming, their guests, meat options, and what they might be bringing.

The President introduced an item not on the agenda next, which is that we have a winner for the leadership award (Julie Vanhoose). There were 36 responses overall. Lousetta Carlson will prepare a plaque for Ms. Vanhoose, and we will contact her regarding her presence at the Spring awards banquet on April 27th. We also may encourage attendance for the awards banquet on Facebook . The last day to register is April 19th. The reception is at 6pm EST and dinner at 6:45pm EST.

Open officer positions: Jason Boczar will be graduating in August and Mary and Ida in December, so we will need to entertain nominations for new officers. The officers have agreed to transition out over the summer to ease the new officers into their roles. By fall, we will have additional positions open. The officers who will be leaving will email the listserv with a short description of their titles and duties. Those interested will email us about the position they want to run for, and if there is more than one, we will hold an election. The only position that needs to be available on campus in person is president. We are entertaining the possibility of using AdobeConnect for meetings to support this. There would still need to be ability to cover for president in case of illness, emergency, etc.

Dr. Bishop mentioned concern over the length of the email, but the president assured him that it will be concise as we can redirect them to our constitution on the Student Center website. We will also try and contact the face-to-face professors for this semester/next Fall to see if we can present to the class. Dr. Bishop would like us to notify when these dates will be. Ida Sell asked about the possibility of doing a combined open officer list with the other organizations, as we are always striving to be inclusive.

Next on the agenda was our Facebook page: Is there something we can do to increase traffic? Options outside Facebook were discussed as alternatives: Dr. Bishop suggested a Blackboard for the organization, and the president agreed and hopes to pursue it this Summer to have ready to beta by Fall. Mercedes also suggested Group Spaces, which is more exclusive than Facebook and would send members an email every time there was an update as well as allow them to customize what types of information they want to receive. Blackboard could also accomplish this, and since all SLIS students are LISSO members, our board would be auto-loaded on their dashboard. We may then retire our blog due to inactivity.

Those present moved to events for the beginning of next Fall: There is an all-SLIS organizations Ice Cream social in the planning stage for next August. Locations suggested for the event were Woodland Park or some large space on campus. We will need to collaborate further with SAA, SLA, and ALA regarding their participations and thoughts on the event.

There was then a discussion of our organization's culture, i.e., what values we in LISSO strive to promote and maintain. The following values came up in comments several times: inclusivity, social engagement, leadership, collaboration, and inspiring positivity. We hope to plan all our events to that end.

As for this Summer, while no official events are planned, there may be a possible end of Summer cookout in the park (maybe with other SLIS organizations). The president will send out an email about this and perhaps institute an end-of-Summer meeting (most likely in July) for planning. There would be less paperwork to fill out and better parking off campus, so we may try to reserve the pavilion at Woodland Park for this and similar future events.

We maintained good funds this semester because most events were not money intensive. In addition, we will soon have funds coming in from T-Shirt sales and are therefore in a good place financially to throw an off-campus event.
Fall orientation is another event we need to plan for coming up next year. It is important that LISSO have a string presence with incoming SLIS students. We will discuss the orientation further at the next meeting.

Our next meeting will be May 7, 2012 at 4:30 PM EST in the SLIS Conference Room (314).

The President closed the meeting at 5:19pm EST.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)

University of Kentucky

Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2012

Officers present: Jason Boczar, Mary York, Dr. Wade Bishop, Debbi Lloyd, Heather Burke

Total present: 6

The meeting was called to order at 4:37PM EST. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, an agenda was distributed to all present. Mercedes Hopewell paid her dues at the start of the meeting and expressed interest in serving in an officer position. Dr. Bishop reminded everyone that new officer positions can be created if there's interest or need. Debbi thought a photographer/Flickr account manager position would be ideal as we have need of those services.

Heather Burke noted she had not received the Facebook administrative privileges and Jason Boczar said he would fix that. Debbi Lloyd, now the current LISSO president, also promised to send a list of accounts and passwords to the other officers.

Mary York, the vice president, attended the faculty meeting last Friday along with Dr. Bishop. The following topics were brought up: First, the new website for the SLIS should be up by the end of the week. Debbi emailed Will Buntin about updating the LISSO page stats, and noted how difficult it has been to find the club's page on the SLIS's old website. The officers then discussed the possibility of doing more with the site. Also discussed at last Friday’s faculty meeting was the new faculty member search, changes to the curriculum and the portfolio program. The portfolio program will hopefully involve more collaboration between students and faculty in the future.

Stephanie Reynolds would like help promoting the McConnell Conference. Anyone who is interested in children's literacy might consider attending. Mary York suggested that our communications director, Jason Boczar, add the conference on the Facebook page as an event.

Officer duties were next on the agenda. The vice president who has been managing the Signature noted that it was too big a project for one person. The current issue needs updating and more material. The communications director and secretary both agreed to contribute. is the website that hosts the Signature, and the president indicated she would contact Sara Wood (the former vice president) for the password and account information.

Account upkeep was another point brought up at the meeting: Our blog hasn't been updated since September. The Flickr account also needs work, a task which Mercedes Hopewell may take over in the event she assumes an officer position. The dues list also needs updating--the secretary has been keeping an unofficial account of and holding the newly paid dues until the treasurer, Ida Sell, returns.

Fundraising was briefly discussed. LISSO currently has 122 dollars in the account (not including unprocessed dues). Fundraising will be further discussed at the February meeting.

LISSO has several upcoming events on the agenda. The All SLIS Social is the next event at WTY Library's Gallery from 6-7pm EST. LISSO is going to make efforts to promote this event on and offline. We need to compile a flier about LISSO for the event as well. The president passed around a previous copy of LISSO's flier as an example. The room will be reception style--not too formal--and options for catering were discussed. An email needs to sent out as well, which Debbi will coordinate with the other LIS student organization leaders. Mercedes Hopewell and Dr. Bishop brought up the idea of making a YouTube video/prezzi or some form of media for our table.
On January 27th is the Triangle Park Ice Skating Rink event. $10 per person is the cost which covers skate rental for 90 minutes. Even those who plan on bringing their own skates must pay the same fee. We will also head to Sawyers restaurant together before ice skating in the early evening.

Events for the upcoming months include a tour of Keeneland Library in late February. The secretary has contacted Becky Ryder, the library director, regarding available dates and will report back when she receives news. A possible March event is a tour of Lexmark.

It was suggested that adding a drop box or SurveyMonkey poll to the LISSO webpage/blog might be a good way to involve SLIS students in determining future events. The next meeting will be February 6th, 2012 at 4:30 PM EST.

The president called the meeting to a close at 5:28pm EST.