Saturday, August 11, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: August 11, 2012
Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Ida Sell
Total present: 5

Call to open: 5:40pm EST
An agenda was distributed by email to those present.

Orientation & FAQs:
Justin, Debbi, Jessica, and Ida all plan to attend Fall Orientation for LISSO. There was discussion on creating a handout to distribute to new students, which will include various resources and information, including links to the collective SLIS calendar, information about LISSO, and popular sites or events near campus. Justin will be creating the FAQ handout. Debbi also suggested that LISSO coordinate a casual gathering for dinner after orientation is over, for any who are interested.

Fall Picnic:
The Fall Picnic will be a weenie roast and potluck event, beginning at noon on August 25, 2012. Ida volunteered to stake out the area at Woodland Park, and LISSO will begin setting up around 11:15am EST. The RSVP form and website will be sent to the listserv, and include a listing of what each person intends to bring. The dues drive will be held during the picnic, and the drawing prize was decided to be a $25 gift card to Mellow Mushroom.

There will be an Unconference on September 7, 2012 in Young Library B108C, between 1:00 and 4:00pm EST. There will be a speaker and open forum discussions about current issues in the field, and will also be open to alumni and professors. There is still a need for volunteers, moderators, and technical support. The technology used to interact with distance participants is still being discussed. A wiki will provide further information and a RSVP form for participants.

Additional topics that were discussed:
The SLIS organizations intend to visit the face-to-face classes in order to interest more students. Debbi will be emailing professors and coordinating with the other organizations.

LISSO intends to release a newsletter by September, with articles written by Jessica and Ida, designed and edited by Mercedes. Information from the FAQs will also be included.

Ida has sent out some letters seeking donations for various events, attempting to connect with area businesses.

Fall meetings will resume on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00pm EST. The next meeting will be September 6, 2012.

LISSO currently has a balance of $140.

The Bowling and karaoke night will be held on September 28, 2012 at Southland, beginning t 7:00pm EST. Jessica will make the RSVP form and flyer.

T-shirt sales will resume, starting orientation day and conclude on October 19, 2012.

Call to close: 6:50pm EST