Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LISSO Leadership Award!!


We have four students that were nominated this year for the award which can be seen in the voting poll box to the right. If you would like to view reasons for their nominations, please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

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2. Remember: you may vote if you are a current student, or a recent graduate from August or December of 2007.
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4. Voting will be open from 3/27 - 4/2 (polls close at midnight 4/3)

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Overview of nominees (in alphabetical order):

Craig Amos:
Craig was nominated based on his extensive service while in the program:
"I'd like to nominate Craig Amos for the LISSO Leadership Award. Craig served as the LISSO president and the ALA Student Chapter President. During his time in these positions, he worked to make important information available to his fellow students and worked on scheduling and coordinating various informational programs open to SLIS students. Craig also participated in the ALA Student-to-Staff program in the summer of 2007. In addition, Craig worked at the Young Library during his time in the SLIS program and encouraged friends and co-workers to obtain MLS degrees to further their careers."

Mary Landrum:
Mary has also been nominated for her extensive service and mentoring role:
"Though I know she was just announced as a recipient of another school award, I still want to nominate Mary Landrum for our LISSO award. I honestly can't say that I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head who has sacrificed so much of her personal time - outside of class and work - to help and better the experience of other students in the program, especially those of us who have a desire to work in children's and young adult services. I can remember the first time I met her as a senior undergraduate in LIS510. She had stayed after her shift that night to give a tour of the McConnell center after class. I remember telling her then how I was interested in children's librarianship and she said that her "door was always open" if you just needed to talk. Lucky to say that has always been the case, and not only am I impressed with the volunteer work she does in our student organizations, like ALA, and outside of class, like at the Village Branch Library of LPL, I am most impressed and thankful for her willingness to mentor us "younger" students in the program."

Ruthie Maslin:
Ruthie was nominated based on her service and classroom leadership:
"I would like to nominated Ruthie Maslin for the leadership award due to her ever supportive role in the classroom and her serving as our ALA president last semester. She was always quick to ask the questions in class that most of us were hesitant to ask, and served as a professional role model for those of us dreaming about finding a job in the future. I think she should be honored for her hard work, dedication and open, friendly demeanor while trekking through the program!"

Sandra Nickell:
Sandra was nominated based on her extra work while in the program:
"In the three semesters Sandra was in the program, she served for a year as the Secretary/Treasurer of ALA and represented the student body on the SLIS Director Search committee. She was also a member of SLA, and participated in student activities that were held throughout the year. Lastly, she proved to be an active participant in the classroom also."

Ok - get voting everyone!!