Monday, October 8, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: October 4, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Rebecca Freihaut (via Skype)
Also present: Daniel Ness, Kacey Kelm
Total present: 8

Call to open: 5:07pm EST
An agenda was distributed to those present.

This was the last week to order shirts. Current orders are 11 Banned shirts, 7 Heart shirts, and 9 Socialize shirts. Orders did not quite meet the minimum number to avoid setup fees, which would cost us about $90. It was decided that the remaining number of shirts would be purchased by the LISSO, then used as raffle prizes or to sell in the spring. The total cost for the final 9 shirts will be $41.40.

Upcoming Events:
Louisville area students can attend the upcoming meeting at Quill’s Coffee on Oct 20th.Also, efforts are planned to connect more with Louisville and other distance students, including sending emails out based on location areas.

LISSO will be meeting for the Zombie Parade in Lexington on Sunday, October 28th at 7 pm EST at McCarthy’s, 117 S. Upper St. The Parade will start at 8:30 pm EST. Participants are encouraged to come in costume. An RSVP form will be sent out.

Officer Elections:
The call for officers has been sent out at the end of August through email, along with requests at orientation and the face-to-face pitches. Justin Conder has been the only response to the upcoming President position. Daniel Ness will be taking over for Justin as the Communications officer. Kacey Kelm will be taking over as Treasurer. Positions will become active in January. With only one applicant for each position, it was decided to move forward with election emails for votes of confidence.

Reminder for Faculty Meetings:
LISSO officers are reminded to attend the selected faculty meetings this semester. Meetings will be held on Fridays between 9:30am-11:30am EST in the SLIS conference room. Officers should take notes that are relevant to students, then post the information to the LISSO blog and report at the next meeting.
            October 12-Mercedes
            November 2-Ida
            December 7-Jessica

Additional topics that were discussed:
The November Board Game Night has been approved for funding for pizza for the event. Mercedes will be making a poster available with a list of available board games and will be looking for requests on what to bring.

Dr. O’Connor has chosen Saturday, December 8th for the LISSO Holiday party. Time has not yet been decided, but a save-the-date email will be sent out, and additional information will be forthcoming at a future date.

Our next meeting will be November 1st at 5pm EST in the SLIS conference room. We will be planning the CATS Den Board Game Night.

Call to close: 5:30pm EST