Thursday, November 8, 2012

Library and Information Science Student Organization (LISSO)
University of Kentucky
Meeting Minutes: November 1, 2012

Officers present: Debbi Lloyd, Mercedes Hopewell, Jessica Herrington, Justin Conder, Dr. Wade Bishop, Ida Sell

Total present: 8

Call to open: 5:00pm EST

An agenda was distributed to those present.

T-shirt orders are in. Orders will need to be sorted and then mailed out or have notifications for pickup sent out. There are also 4 additional shirts for LISSO to sell in the future.

Upcoming Events:
Catering has been finalized for the LISSO Game Night on Friday, November 9th. Food provided will include pizza, brownies, soda, water, and popcorn. In addition to any requested games requested for the event, there will be free games available in CATS Den.

There was mention of a possible event for the Louisville area LISSO, but nothing appears to be scheduled at this time.

The final LISSO event for the semester will be the Holiday Party on Saturday, December 8th at Dr. O’Connor’s house. Officers will be spending time throughout November making further plans for the event. Mercedes will be making a poster for distribution once a time has been set. The party should be potluck, with LISSO providing the meat/main course and attendees providing side dishes. After a long discussion on the availability of funds, LISSO has decided to distribute a small gift to those members that attend.

Officer Elections:
The deadline for the email votes of confidence will end on November 11th. All new officers should be meeting with the current officers to pass on duties and information. There will also be a meeting to conduct the financial transfers to the new officers before next year.

Additional topics:
There was a small reminder for the LISSO officers attending upcoming faculty meetings for the semester.

The final official LISSO meeting for the semester will be December 6th, at 5pm EST in the SLIS conference room.

Call to close: 5:30pm EST