Friday, July 29, 2016

Meet the Officers- Vice President and Social Media Coordinator Megan Lucy

My name is Megan Lucy and I am the Vice President and Social Media Coordinator of LISSO for the 2016-2017 Academic year. This is my second year in the Master of Science in Library Science program, and I am working on the Information Systems academic track. So far my favorite class has been LIS 602: Information Representation and Access, because I really enjoyed building a thesaurus of fan fiction terms.
In Spring 2016, I participated in the Alternative Spring Break program in Washington, D.C. I worked in the Scholarly Communications and Information Technology department of the Smithsonian Libraries. This experience helped me to choose Information Systems as my academic track because I received firsthand experience working with information systems in a large academic library and saw how important they are to ensuring public access to information.
I am also a full time employee of the University of Kentucky. I work as an administrative assistant in the Dean’s Office in the College of Agriculture Food and Environment, managing faculty personnel files and the faculty personnel information database for the college. My plans after graduation are to pair this experience in university administration with my knowledge of library and information science to help universities find innovative ways to use information systems.
When I have free time (not often between school and work!) Megan likes to do arts and crafts. She particularly enjoys digital painting, embroidery and needle felting.
As LISSO Vice President, I am responsible for coordinating Book Club and volunteer work at the PCSO Pride Library in Lexington. As social media coordinator, I update this blog and the LISSO Facebook page.

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